Sara K. Hayden

p. 301.634.0545 ( Maryland )
f. 301.654.4007 ( Maryland )

Sara K. Hayden is a transactional real estate attorney at Bocarsly Emden.  She specializes in affordable housing and community development and represents investors and developers in the acquisition, financing, and syndication of real estate projects that utilize the federal low-income housing tax credit.

Ms. Hayden brings a breadth of legal and business experience in real estate and community development.  Her previous legal experience includes representing developers, contractors, government entities, and nonprofits on a range of matters involving real estate, construction, land use, and historic preservation policy.  She also has business experience in historic property redevelopment and community development, architectural design, and construction management.

Ms. Hayden earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Berkeley, where she also received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture with High Honors.  She studied at Harvard Law School for a year through the Berkeley-Harvard Exchange program.